Ginny Sanchez Ballard

Ginny became interested in movement at a young age while learning 80's dance aerobics with her mom and sister.  She was introduced to modern dance and choreography as a teenager, and it quickly became an integral part of her life.  Her focus has shifted over time to site specific works and improvisational movement.  She is a Naturalist by trade, serving as the Director of a environmental education non-profit organization.  Ginny’s work with community based non-profits inspired her start Across the River Arts to encourage other emerging artists.


Jeff Ballard

Jeff got his start writing blatant Beatles knock offs while sitting in his childhood sandbox.  It wasn’t until this imitative energy was focused toward the guitar and expanded across a plethora of genres and styles that music truly became a lifetime endeavor.  While teaching music and working for a small neighborhood music store, Jeff found out just how much incredible talent was hiding behind “real world” responsibilities that needs to find an outlet.  As a computer engineer and general technologist, Jeff has been spending much of his adult life finding ways to make technology fun, intuitive, and accessible as a source for entertainment, inspiration, and as a channel for capturing creative energy.


Advisory Board

Kegan Marling, Independent Arts Administrator, Choreographer and Designer


Kiffanie Stahle, Stahle Law